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Garden Design & Maintenance

Improve Your Garden's Quality with Maincore's Garden Design Services

Garden Hose Sprinkler
Wet grass

Indeed, there is no secret to give your garden quality grass.


A garden with nice grass is a serene and inviting space. However, maintaining a lush green lawn can be challenging, especially during dry seasons.


A sprinkler system can be a great solution to keep your grass green and healthy. With a well-designed and efficient sprinkler system, you can easily water your lawn without wasting water. The sprinkler should be able to adjust to different soil types and provide adequate coverage for all areas of your lawn. A beautiful garden with a lush green lawn is achievable with the help of a reliable sprinkler system.

The Secret of Quality Grass

Maincore-garden maintenance

Garden Maintenance and Landscape Design

Want a beautiful garden that looks its best but finds it a daunting task? Our professional team provides everything from pruning and weeding to fertilizing and mulching, ensuring your garden thrives in all seasons. On top of that, our sprinkler system installation services can keep your lawn looking lush and green all summer long. We also offer green home renovation services, helping you to create a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor space is both beautiful and environmentally responsible. So please sit back, relax with your favourite book, and let us do the hard work to keep your garden looking stunning all year round.

Maincore's Garden Design is more than satisfaction

Satisfaction is boring. Who doesn't like surprises? And that's why we never stop pursuing the top tier of materials in the market, with our commitment to exceeding your expectation in every project. Transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking oasis with our diverse range of services that fit both your unique needs and budget, from stunning yard landscapes to beautiful patio renovations. 


Schedule a consultation with us today to create the perfect outdoor space. Let our team of experts bring their passion and expertise to your home and turn your outdoor space into something truly special. Whether you need fence builders, interlock and patio contractors, or garden maintenance services, we are here to help you create the perfect outdoor space that you and your family will love.

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